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Consorzio Vini Cortona

Wine People in Cortona

A successful wine label isn’t just about outstanding grapes; a great wine is a complex world, where people, their land and the history behind their wineries all play a key role. Being a winemaker is a matter of passion. This is also true for all the winemakers in the Consorzio Vini Cortona: 56 labels for 28 wineries. Starting this week, we decided to bring you a series of mini-interviews – which will be published in a random sequence – to get you better acquainted with our associated wineries and better understand their choices and their wines if you haven’t yet had a chance to taste them personally. Welcome to our collection of portraits of the best winemakers in Cortona.


First Profile: Filippo Calabresi - Tenimenti d’Alessandro
Second profile: Stefania Mezzetti - Vini Mezzetti
Third profile: Edda Billi - Podere Il Fitto
Fourth profile: Marco Giannoni - Giannoni Fabbri
Fifth profile: Eros Trabalzini - Società Coop. Vecchia Cantina
Sixth profile: Fabrizio Dionisio - Azienda Fabrizio Dionisio
Seventh profile: Fernando Cattani - La Calonica
Eighth profile: Romano Antonioli - I Vicini
Ninth profile: Baldetti Alfonso - Azienda Agricola Baldetti Alfonso




Wine People in Cortona

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