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Il Consorzio Vini Cortona partecipa per la prima volta alle “ANTEPRIME di Toscana” a Firenze, dal 15 al 17 febbraio

Press release N. 1 Cortona, 21 January 2014


The Consorzio Vini Cortona makes its first appearance on the

ANTEPRIME di Toscana” to be held in Florence

from 15 to 17 February


2014 started with a focus on international markets for the Consorzio Vini Cortona as the Cortona-based wine-maker association makes its first appearance on the Anteprima di Toscana, a much-awaited event for international buyers wishing to meet the best Tuscan wine-makers: two full days of meetings and tastings in the Fortezza da Basso, Florence, from 15 to 17 February, followed by a tour through our charming territory.

Later on, together with some of the “top names” in the Tuscan wine-making industry, theConsorzio Vini Cortona will play host to a group of international buyers and journalists who will be treated to a tasting of the fine wines produced by the 28 associated wineries that make up the consortium.

“We are really pleased with our 2013 performance, with our DOC managing to record an annual turnout of over 600.000 bottles“, said Marco Giannoni, President of the Consorzio. “On top of that, we were awarded the ERGA OMNES function for all producers in the territory, which enables us to keep a close watch on wine bottled in Cortona throughout its production process.”

The Cortona DOC designation is reserved for wines that meet the standards and requirements laid down in its production specifications, according to which wines are to be made from the following grape varieties: Syrah, the area’s flagship and most widely gown variety, followed bySangiovese and Merlot. Other varieties appearing in the “disciplinare” include Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grechetto and Vin Santo.

The wine-making companies that make up the consortium extend over 400 hectares of land.

Cortona, a charming Etruscan hill-top-town, is well-known worldwide, not only for the beauty of its landscapes and for its rich Etruscan heritage, but also for its Doc wines which in recent years have been on the receiving end of some prestigious recognitions.


Cortona Doc wines can be enjoyed as far away as Brazil and Japan: “Our participation in the Buy Wine, which this year will be dedicated to emerging designations, will strengthen our market position”, continued President Giannoni, “as exports account for almost 80% of our overall sales.”


Established in 2000, the Consorzio Vini Cortona includes 49 Cortona DOC labels producing an average of over ½ million bottles a year. Over 80% of Cortona DOC sales are accounted for by exports to countries such as the USA, Canada, Northern Europe, Japan and China. President Marco Giannoni is himself a wine producer.


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